Stamina: Stabilisation Monoids in Automata Theory


We present Stamina, a tool solving three algorithmic problems in automata theory. First, compute the star height of a regular language, i.e. the minimal number of nested Kleene stars needed for expressing the language with a complement-free regular expression. Second, decide limitedness for regular cost functions. Third, decide whether a probabilistic leaktight automaton has value 1, i.e. whether a probabilistic leaktight automaton accepts words with probability arbitrarily close to 1. All three problems reduce to the computation of the stabilisation monoid associated with an automaton, which is computationally challenging because the monoid is exponentially larger than the automaton. The compact data structures used in Stamina, together with optimisations and heuristics, allow us to handle automata with several hundreds of states. This radically improves upon the performances of ACME, a similar tool solving a subset of these problems. The tool Stamina is open source and available from Github, details are given on the webpage

In Implementation and Application of Automata - 22nd International Conference, CIAA 2017, Marne-la-Vallee, France, June 27-30, 2017, Proceedings